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Actions speak
louder than words

At Bennet you don't need to wait for new opportunities because you can choose them yourself.
choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!

E&I Maintenance Work Preparator

A good preparation and a strict follow up are the keywords for a good stop.


It's great to participate in this interesting and challenging revamping project, we're still learning everyday…

Project Manager Mechanical

Want to get in touch as a client?

Do you like a targeted approach and straightforward communication? If this is the case, Bennet is the perfect match for your technical engineering project, from project planning to mind-blowing realisation.

Want to get in touch as a candidate?

Anyone starting at Bennet will be boosted into an extensive network in the process industry. But that is not at all: we are fully committed to our training plan, personal growth, and a fun team atmosphere. Drinks after work, a family day, and other cool activities with the Bennet team? You too can be part of this soon.